Dietetic supplements are enjoying a high point of sales and popularity. All these ‘nutricosmetics’ are said to reach the worth of $7.4bn (£4.8bn) by 2020 with Collagen supplements leading them all.

Collagen proteins works as an important mediator holding our skin together and diminishing the age signs.

Regardless of the fact that the product is rapidly getting famous among people, the Association of UK Dietitians (DBA) says that there are so less of evidences available on Collagen’s authenticity and effectiveness in making the skin healthier and livelier.

As per DBA, “further and more comprehensive studies would need to be conducted to confirm collagen claims”. Regardless of it, Collagen Drink Skinade is leading the way!

I got so fascinated and gave it a one month trial by the thought of getting spotless, shinier skin with a simple regular intake of fruit-flavoured liquid.

I visited and had my face examined by different appliances at Santi Skin Labs in South Kensington some weeks ago.

I got to know that my left side of face is older than my right side because of a huge amount of time spent gazing pensively out of the car via window (I do not drive). Drivers are likely to get their right side of the face aged faster than the left side.

Without more ado, I stock up Skinade 30 day supply.

Skinade comes in a portable and versatile packaging. A single bottle contains 15ml of liquid with sachet having the same amount. You mix them both and use.

Each bottle contains 7000mg of collagen which is equal to 20 standard collagen pills a day.

The peachy taste tangs so good and in spite of the fact that drinks being made with fresh-water fish collagen, I found no fishy aftertaste. However, vegetarians should not use it.

After 30 days of regularly using Skinade, I went back to Santi clinic to undergo those tests another time.

I was exhilarated to know that I have got my skin collagen improved up to 7%/7.4%. The remarkably improved yellow areas above in the images clearly show Skinade’s effect on my skin. Zeta White

7% may sound so trivial to you but for me at the age of 26 it’s more than enough. Skinade tends to have more sweeping results on older people. It worked enormously on a 42 year aged woman who had her skin improved by 46.7% with the regular use of Skinade.

Though my official trial is over but I would certainly want to try it again as I already have a desk full of it. Those of you, who are dying to find a good remedy to preserve their skin in every way possible, are advised to add Skinade in the armory.