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TestoGen Review – Best New Testosterone Booster of 2016?

boost testosterone

As soon as TestoGen got into the market, it surpassed the record-setters – TestoFuel & Prime Male!

Let’s check out the detailed review on TestoGen  for Boost Testosterone below:

TestoGen things to see:

  • Stimulates the development of male sexual quality
  • Boosts potency and endurance
  • Upsurges muscle mass
  • Makes you active and focused on whatever you do
  • Burns unwanted belly fat
  • Heightens sexual desire
  • Most efficient ingredients without any side-effects
  • Mouth-watering deals; 2 and 1 free on the purchase of 3 and 2 respectively
  • 2 months Money back guarantee

About TestoGen

This moderately new product by a new company was introduced in the end of 2014. Before I started writing this review, I got onto the company’s website to comprehensively look into its details. I actually found the site so helpful and genuine.

The website was satisfyingly reliable and enlightening with an unsoiled and instinctive mean. I so easily found what I was looking for. Ok, so it’s a thumb up for the website, now what about the product itself?

Let’s explore the most indispensable part i.e. the ingredients.

TestoGen Ingredients

Though I just had a bird’s-eye view on the ingredients but I so straightforwardly grasped its capability to surpass all the other best testosterone boosters in the market i.e. TestoFuel.

As I got done examining the ingredients, I could not stop myself and immediately ordered a pack of bottle for myself.

For many years I pleasingly used TestoFuel and then Prime Male but after weighing up TestoGen I could feel that I would be superior to those two.

One bottle of TestoGen contains 30 capsules and the amount of ingredients per daily dose would be like what’s mentioned below:

  • Panax Genseng (250mg)
  • Fenugreek Extract (200mg)
  • Cholecalciferol (10mcg)
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (56mg)
  • D Aspartic Acid (2000mg)
  • Zinc (72mg)
  • Riboflavin (20mg)
  • Selenium (45.2mcg)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (300mg)
  • Calcium Pantothenate (12mg)

Let’s discuss all the ingredients in detail now:

D-Aspartic Acid

This the foremost ingredient of TestoGen works tremendously. As this enters your body, it kindles the LH in you that stands for Luteinizing Hormone. The LH is great for the making of free testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid heightens energy level in men, fires up libido and augments the level of free testosterone up to 46% within two weeks.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is plant which has been widely used for therapeutic purposes all around the world.

It is mainly used to kindle sex drive in men and is also frequently found in supplements for heart related issues including high blood pressure and cholesterol level.

The main purpose of Tribulus Terrestris is to enhance the urge for sex and on which the whole of the world agrees. The ingredient can increase testosterone from 16% to 57%.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng outstandingly hones one both physically and emotionally. It supports libido and causes strong erections in men.

It is also so very useful for desired strength, focus and concentration and for enhancing the action of Nitric Oxide in the body.


This accepted aromatic plant is well-known for increasing vigor and vitality and the level of testosterone in men which further excites sexual drive. Fenugreek also enhances the effectiveness of orgasms.

Another great part fenugreek has is that it’s anti-estrogenic. This means that it kills the estrogen in men that destroys testosterone.


One of the health benefits it includes is free testosterone production in men. It has very positive effects on sperms.

One of the reasons raw oysters are so recommended is that they are high in zinc. Besides giving you a focused and sharp mind, it promotes muscle growth and overall health.  Testo Max

Vitamins B2, B5, and B6

These vitamins enhance overall health and are beneficial for free testosterone production in men. Vitamin B works as anti-estrogenic agent that preserves testosterone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is considered as one of the best vitamins to enhance your testosterone production level and libido. This controls hundreds of functions in our body.

The Journal of Endocrinology reported in 2012 that low serum vitamin D levels were linked to low serum testosterone levels in men.

In 2011 Medical University of Graz confirmed that the regular use of vitamin D for one year augmented the free testosterone production up to 20% in their 165 subjects.


Selenium is found in soil which besides lowering blood pressure increases the sperm motility and boosts up energy levels.

Verdict: TestoGen Unseats TestoFuel Taking the #2 Overall Spot

testogen testosterone booster

  • TestoGen won the 2nd best testosterone enhancer award 2016 by finally overthrowing TestoFuel
  • I had been a satisfied user of TestoFuel, however, its place has been taken up by TestoGen since the day I first used it
  • During the days when I was a regular user of TestoFuel, I used to think that no one can ever match this exceptional product but now I have to say that TestoGen has not only proved me wrong but has surpassed TestoFuel
  • Let’s compare these two products and see how TestoGen managed to overtake TestoFuel

Common Ingredients Testofuel & Testogen:

TestoFuel has 2300mg of D-Aspartic Acid whereas TestoGen has 2000mg of it

100mg & 250mg of Ginseng in TestoFuel and TestoGen respectively

100mg of Fenugreek in TestoFuel and 200mg in TestoGen

TestoFuel has 10mg of Zinc while TestoGen has 72mg of it

Vitamin B6 5mg & 56mg in TestoFuel and TestoGen respectively

5000IU of Vitamin D3 in TestoFuel and 400IU of it in TestoGen

Conclusion: TestoGen Wins!

  Ingredients Not In Common

TestoGen has 300mg of Tribulus Terrestris while there is not a bit of it in TestoFuel

20mg of Vitamin B2 in TestoGen and 0mg of it in TestoFuel

12mg of Vitamin B5 in TestoGen and 0mg in TestoFuel

TestoGen has 45mcg of Selenium whereas TestoFuel has no Selenium

TestoFuel has 180mcg of Vitamin K2, 200mg of Magnesium and 100mg of Oyster Extract whereas TestoGen has none of these ingredients

Conclusion: TestoGen Wins again!

Not only this but TestoGen beats TestoFuel in discounts and deals as well. Details can be seen on the official website of the product.

Penomet- a revolutionary new penis enlargement product

penomet pump

What is Penomet?

Penomet is a penis pump that has advanced to offer shoppers precisely what they need; this has brought about the making of an unrivaled penis pump that actually leaves each other contender gadget in the shadows!

Following direct info and criticism from 1,000s of people and buyers simply like you, Penomet offers an exceedingly successful water helped pump with a distinction an interesting and creative compatible Gaiter System that permits you to step by step, securely and easily increment the weight used to augment your member.

It’s this progressive two section outline and tradable gaiters that offer an adaptable, viable amplification pump that is bringing on sub-par contender penis pumps to shake in their boots!

At no other time has a penis pump offered such adaptability while keeping up the capacity to accomplish obvious results inside a simple 15 minutes of use and permit each man the capacity to expand the extent of their penis by up to 3 creeps long and 30% in circumference!

A common penis pump is only a little vacuum gadget with a tube that extends anything that is put inside. As a rule, most models just utilize a weight of an unadulterated vacuum to extend your size.

Be that as it may, this outcomes in an uneven circulation of the force impact over your phallus prompting to the unpredictable protracting and broadening.

Fortunately, the Penomet model is dealing with a hydro-based framework, where water conveys the suction control equally for the most amazing development. You should simply to utilize it for 20 minutes a day to see the best results.

7 Simple Steps to Put Penomet Together and Use It in Just a Few Seconds

Utilizing Penomet for penis development is fairly protected on the grounds that it doesn’t require any risky medications that could harm your wellbeing. The following are few stages you ought to take after once you are prepared to begin:

  • Pick your gaiter. Keep in mind that it ought to mirror your level of experience as much as your length and circumference!
  • Join it to the fundamental chamber and fill it with water.
  • Embed your penis inside.
  • Pump few times to develop a weight and make a decent vacuum seal.
  • Give it a chance to remain for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Discharge the seal utilizing a valve toward the end of the chamber.
  • Rehash this procedure for around 20 minutes.


Plan and Safety

Penomet is an item designed by experts having over 100 years of consolidated involvement in the penis expansion field, in addition to more than 1000 people added to its flawlessness.

The fastidious outline that experienced genuine testing for more than two years permits negligible constrain pressure while giving ideal development, animating the penis for most extreme development in both length and bigness with insignificant distress. Bathmate

To accomplish a higher hydro compel, water is constrained into the Penomet penis pump permitting the penis to grow. Furthermore, the pump’s outline incorporates wellbeing at the top of the priority list giving a decent harmony between water weight and penis.

The Penomet hydro penis pump accompanies a point by point client’s guide that contains a well ordered directions on the best way to utilize the pump securely and viably.

penomet awards

Advantages of Using Penomet Pump Regularly

Points of interest and Features

  • Accomplishes Stronger and Harder Erections For Satisfying Sexual Experience
  • Supports Sexual Self Confidence
  • Helps Straightens Bent Penises and Balanced Uneven Size Penises
  • Accomplish Notable Results Even After Just One Session
  • Accomplishes Between 1 to 3 Inches Gains In Length Plus 30% Increase In Girth or Thickness
  • Deductively Proven To Help Increase Penis Size In Both Girth and Length
  • Top notch Product With ISO Medical Certification 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2009
  • Sign Magazine’s Best Male Enhancement Product Of Year 2012/2013
  • Venus Awards Best New Product 2013
  • Venus Awards (Jury Award)/Best Penis Pump 2014
  • Alterable Gaiters For Achieving Various Vacuum Pressures Providing More Flexibility

How Penomet Works?


For the best results Penomet ought to be utilized with water; customary air vacuum pumps pack and extend air without growing the penis similarly bringing about development of a few regions yet not others. Penomet beats this issue by utilizing water to give parallel volume and weight inside the cylinder.

Due to the one of a kind plan of Penomet, when pressure of the pump stops, the non-return valve toward the end of the barrel closes and the gaiter extends, this outcomes in weight being connected similarly to the penis.

Unlike different penis pumps available, Penomet is really interesting in its outline offering 5 tradable gaiters that permit you to slowly and securely increment the weight of the gadget clients can accomplish additions of up to 65% speedier when contrasted with utilizing a pump with a settled, one gaiter setting.

There are a ton of penis activities that set up the tendons of the penis yet a standout amongst the best arrangements requires the utilization of a sock and about half measure of crude rice. To start with get a sock and fill this with rice about a quarter full. Tie the highest point of the sock so that the rice remains secure. Put this sock loaded with rice in the microwave and warmth it for about a moment. Put a fabric over your penis and apply the warm sock over it. This will slacken the penile tendon and set it up for a strenuous workout with the Penomet penis pump.

After this warm up, it’s the ideal opportunity for some snappy activities. Hold your delicate penis and force it up. After that, draw it down and afterward pull it to one side and left. Hold every position for around 30-45 seconds. This additionally extricates up the penile tissues and set it up for an aggregate workout utilizing the Penomet pump. These basic activities will build your odds of enhancing your penis measure securely and successfully.

Well-ordered directions on the most proficient method to utilize Penomet penis pump:-

  • Pick a weight gaiter. New to Penomet? It is best to begin with the least setting gaiter which is Force 60 or the purple gaiter.
  • Put the gaiter on the primary pump chamber.
  • Put your penis inside the Penomet pump. You can utilize this in the shower or in the shower. Pump the gadget tenderly until a vacuum seal is made.
  • Attempt to unwind and pump at regular intervals for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Expel Penomet by discharging the weight. Press the valve situated toward the end of the chamber to the side.
  • Utilize more grounded weight gaiters as you come.